Successfully negotiate new IT contracts with help from ClarityQR

We identify areas to optimize costs and effectively negotiate new IT contracts so you can focus on growing your company.

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Businesses often enter into IT contracts without understanding there are programs and discounts available to them. They accept the first offer resulting in overspending. With a lack of historical usage and prior relationship, businesses tend to only receive the standard price.

Learn how we can help

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How we negotiate new IT contracts by helping you maximize efficiencies

ClarityQR specialists negotiate new contracts using real data from prior negotiations. We use a baseline to help businesses navigate contracts with up-to-date market pricing. 

Working with different SMBs and Enterprise clients, our experts maintain an industry-first pricing database to save an average of 30% on IT service contracts. As such, leveraging ClarityQR’s licensing experts to analyze your options and negotiate with vendors for better rates on new and existing contracts.

Our process of negotiation

Our team of licensing specialists are an extension of your team. Working as members of your procurement group, our experts methodically plan and execute a strategy to deliver on your savings goals.

How we deliver on your savings:

  • Compare contracts against pricing database
  • Realize savings through proven processes
  • Identify the range of programs available 
  • Outline optional vendor solutions 
  • Develop a winning strategy 
  • Expert negotiation expertise and experience

How we get paid

ClarityQR is confident that we will successfully negotiate new IT contracts to deliver on savings. We don’t get paid unless we save you something. If we don’t save you anything, we don’t get paid.

Fees are based on the total contract value and calculated on realized contract savings.

Less than $1M50%
$1M to $10M30%
More than $10M25%