Your team to negotiate IT renewal contracts with vendors

Our experts at ClarityQR help you identify opportunities in savings and negotiate IT renewal contracts with vendors — allowing your business to scale.

Team to negotiate IT renewal contracts working at computers.


Businesses often renew IT contracts unaware of their options to reduce expenditures. As your business grows so does your technology footprint. Contracts become larger and confusing. Vendors update terms and conditions which often seem one-sided. Enterprise Agreements include many sub-products and services. Enterprise Discount Programs adds another layer of discounts in controlling costs but is difficult to understand.

Learn how we can help

How we help you effectively negotiate IT renewal contracts with vendors

ClarityQR licensing experts bring experience to every IT contract negotiation. We implement best practices with a proven contract renewal checklist.

Negotiation experts with decades of experience in working at the leading cloud, IaaS, and SaaS providers bring critical knowledge in licensing structure. Our trained specialists help navigate complex agreements and effectively negotiate your IT renewal contracts using an industry-first proprietary pricing database.

Our process of negotiation

Our team of licensing specialists understands your relationship with your vendors is important. Representing members of your procurement group, our experts strategically plan and deliver on your savings goals while maintaining optimum relationships with your vendors.

How we negotiate IT renewal contracts:

  • Offer fact-based experience and advice
  • Assess current usage and future growth 
  • Provide savings expectations using pricing database
  • Review contracts against SKU’s for cost optimization

  • Identify loyalty programs 
  • Negotiation Intelligence
  • Maintain vendor relationships

How we get paid

ClarityQR is confident that we will successfully negotiate renewal contracts with vendors to deliver on savings. We don’t get paid unless we save you something. If we don’t save you anything, we don’t get paid.

Fees are based on the total contract value and calculated on realized contract savings.

Less than $1M50%
$1M to $10M30%
More than $10M25%