IT contract optimization

Our team of specialists help businesses reduce operating expenses and mitigate risk through expert IT contract optimization.

IT contract optimization and examination with magnifying glass


Typically, businesses rely on vendors for guidance on contract agreements and often overspend on services, support, and maintenance. Pricing is largely inconsistent and IT contract terms are complex. Without realizing there are significant savings to be had on high-value IT contracts, businesses end up paying too much.

Learn how we can help

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How do you optimize costs on IT contracts?

Partnering with ClarityQR’s independent contract experts empowers SMBs to get more value out of your IT contracts with vendors. Being platform agnostic, we operate independently from vendors allowing us to focus strictly on your business goals. 

Our experienced specialists deliver maximum value in understanding pricing, licensing, and commitments with long-term contracts. They are instrumental in eliminating redundancies while mitigating risks and protecting you from future cost increases. 

ClarityQR’s licensing experts bring decades of experience in effectively negotiating IT contracts. We use price benchmarking and negotiation to reduce costs with proven strategies. Utilizing a dynamic pricing database and our extensive contract negotiation experience, we help you reduce operating expenditures on new and existing contracts.

Our contract optimization process includes:

  • Hands-on expert negotiation
  • Pricing database benchmarking
  • Dynamic quotation analysis
  • Comprehensive vendor comparison
  • Evaluation and comparison of solutions 
  • Creation and maintenance of strategic partnerships

How we get paid

ClarityQR is confident that contract optimization services will deliver on your savings goals. We don’t get paid unless we save you something. If we don’t save you anything, we don’t get paid.

Fees are based on the Total Contract Value and calculated on realized contract savings.

Less than $1M50%
$1M to $10M30%
More than $10M25%