Your dedicated IT contract negotiation consulting team

ClarityQR’s IT contract negotiation consulting team provides expert guidance and hands-on assistance in negotiating IT vendor contracts successfully.

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Businesses often overlook the opportunities gained in controlling costs through negotiating IT contracts. Without a dedicated experienced procurement team to negotiate contracts, businesses may miss out on maximizing savings. This can lead to overspending and even risks with contract agreements.

Knowing how to approach, when to respond, and how far to push a vendor without damaging the relationship, is a delicate and coordinated process. You can trust the experts at ClarityQR to effectively manage the process and provide the best possible results.

Learn how we can help

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How IT contract negotiation consulting saves your business time and money

With more than a decade of industry experience negotiating Cloud and SaaS Contracts, our licensing specialists work alongside your team to provide negotiation guidance, while arming you with tactical skills in handling complex IT contracts with your vendors.

As an independent third-party provider, ClarityQR assists your business in navigating the contract procurement process. With dedicated negotiation assistance in interactions and communications, we bring knowledge, insights and fact-based experience on how best to approach vendors.

Our contract negotiation advisory process

Our team of licensing specialists identifies gaps while providing guidance in addressing them. Saving you more in negotiating IT contracts with expert support and advice through a coordinated and proven process which includes:

  • Drafting responses to vendors
  • Negotiation Coaching 
  • Dedicated support
  • Analyzing contract agreements and paperwork
  • Hands-on expert guidance 
  • Pricing intelligence 
  • Training sessions

How we get paid

ClarityQR contract negotiation consulting is a fee based professional service. Get in touch with our trained advisors to discuss how we can help your team negotiate effectively with vendors.