Negotiating SAAS Contracts

Our team of experts has built a long list of competencies by negotiating SaaS contracts across many industries.

IT Contracts come with its unique set of challenges

Vendors help companies with their digital transformation journey. However, managing the contract agreement terms and pricing is challenging for many businesses.

Cloud services allow businesses to be flexible with added benefits of scalability. But the contracts that govern these services are complex. 

SaaS services gain in popularity replacing on-prem infrastructure. Controlling your operating expenditures ensures you remain flexible to grow your business. 

Productivity apps are essential to keeping employees efficient and productive. Licensing each user raises costs.

Cloud Contracts

Microsoft EA (Enterprise Agreement)

Additional discounts on cloud computing services outside of standard tier pricing.

AWS EDP (Enterprise Discount Program)

Negotiate additional discounts on AWS Contracts already reduced.

GCP Agreement

Industry Insights using market and pricing intelligence for negotiations. 

Oracle Contracts

Leverage strategies to drive greater cost savings to bring your business value.

Negotiating SaaS Contracts

Maximum negotiation leverage in working with leading SaaS Solution providers building strategic partnerships.

Licensing for Productivity Apps

Access to hidden tiers outside of volume based discounts.

Negotiating SaaS contracts experience

Many small and medium-sized businesses overspend on IT contracts. ClarityQR’s contract experts work with vendors to control business expenditures through cost optimization. 

Licensing specialists with experience in vendor agreements achieve this by negotiating SaaS contracts. With many years of experience building a long list of competencies while working with different businesses.