We help you save up to 30% in IT contract negotiations

Control your IT spend and improve your service delivery with expert IT optimization solutions by ClarityQR

“Working with ClarityQR we were able to gain more visibility into our IT contracts. Having them drive the process and lead the negotiations allowed our team the freedom to focus on our business. Their industry knowledge in contract licensing and benchmark pricing ensured we were not overspending.”
– Longo’s

“ClarityQR was instrumental in our renewal contracts with the many different vendors we work with. With their experience in negotiations, we were able to achieve significant savings across all business units. While guiding us in making informed decisions for future contracts.”

“The ClarityQR team of specialists optimized our contract by finding additional savings outside of what we already negotiated with our vendor. Their advice and coaching gave us the confidence in renewing our contract at the best rate possible.”
– Gerrie Electric

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IT Contract Renewals

We conduct IT contract negotiations for renewal contracts with vendors using the expertise of our IT, Cloud, and SaaS licensing specialists.

New IT Contract Negotiations

We help you capitalize on additional savings through our access to a dynamic pricing database, unlocking valuable benchmarking data.

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Contract Optimization

Our team of specialists provides guidance and hands-on expertise to reduce inconsistencies and costs to optimize your IT contracts.

Hardware Procurement

We’re your platform-independent procurement team — matching the right hardware to your business to reduce excessive expenditures.

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Contract Negotiations Advisory

We provide expert negotiation advice providing your team with the tools they need to improve their negotiation skills.